Transportation and Infrastructure

The region’s economy will continue to rely on a strong transportation network.

I am a big supporter of public transportation, which is particularly vital in our Ninth Congressional District. Thirty five years ago, I started taking public transportation to high school every day. And now, my oldest daughter takes public transportation to high school. Reliable, clean, safe public transportation around Chicagoland is key to our entire economy.

Moreover, providing that transportation at a reasonable cost is personally critical for the working poor and middle class. I will fight hard to restore and maintain Federal support for public transportation infrastructure in our district, which is crumbling.

I will also demand that local transit agencies, like Pace, Metra and the CTA are held accountable for the disgraceful mismanagement that has plagued all three agencies at times. The agencies must be able to maintain and operate the equipment they have before investing in ambitious projects that are impractical.

Chicago remains the national intersection for interstate rail yet that system, too, is overloaded, resulting in unreliable passenger rail service, costly delays in freight delivery and interruptions with vehicle traffic and rail-street crossings. I will work to find a resolution to that growing issue.

Finally, O’Hare International Airport is a crown jewel in our economy because it is essential to our position as an international business center. The current airport expansion must be modified if necessary to ensure the airport functions as efficiently as possible. Federal money appropriately supports O’Hare, and I will fight to ensure proper funding.