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Proud to have the Chicago Tribune’s endorsement!

“We like Lasonde’s energy and focus,” says the Tribune. “She gets our endorsement.”

I’m grateful to the Tribune not just for giving me the endorsement, but for giving it for the right reasons. They’ve longed for a “legitimate challenger who sees our federal debt crisis as a drag on economic growth,” they wrote. “This year there is such a Republican on the ballot: Joan McCarthy Lasonde.”

They added, 

Some of what Lasonde has learned about bureaucratic failings comes from being a foster parent who confronts the incompetence and ineffectiveness of the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services. “Government is too big and not flexible,” she tells us. “We need to help our own.”

That’s indeed what I’m about. That’s why I’m running. That’s my commitment. We will help our own. We’ll do it by restoring opportunity and growth, and we’ll make the welfare and security of our own people Job 1.

Read the rest of the endorsement linked here, and please vote! The headlines are consumed by the presidential election, but there’s much more at stake in November. It’s a chance for a new voice in Congress who truly represents the Ninth District. I will be that new voice. I want your vote!


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