Join me to march in the protest against illegal incitement to violence

A protest organized independently from our campaign is scheduled for Tuesday, November 1. We’re joining it, and you should, too.

The purpose is to issue a formal request that charges be filed against Jan Schakowsky’s husband, Bob Creamer and Scott Foval for the incitement of violence at the March Trump rally in Chicago, and an immediate investigation begin into the DNC and Rep. Schakowsky’s knowledge of and involvement in her husband’s illegal activities.

Democrats, Independents and Republicans alike have been telling me of their disgust over the activities exposed in the recent Project Veritas videos. I share that disgust. If you haven’t seen the videos, the primary one is linked here.  They show evidence of a widespread, coordinated plot to provoke violent confrontations to stifle political activity, including hiring the “mentally ill” and homeless.

I have no doubt that Schakowsky knew about these illegal activities and her husband’s involvement. He’s already a convicted felon who has spent time in jail. Schakowsky’s campaign is a client of her husband’s firm, Democracy Partners, which helped execute the program. Schakowsky is covering up the truth and lying again by saying::

It’s a “manufactured and non-existent scandal.”

“No evidence of improper activity was found.”

But the video shows otherwise. Co-conspirator Scott Foval was immediately fired for his involvement and Schakowsky’s husband quickly “stepped back” from his campaign role (which means nothing — he’s still involved). Former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova says the tape is “absolutely prima facie evidence of criminal activity” — both federal and state criminal laws, he says.

Where are the State’s Attorney, the Illinois Attorney General and the Department of Justice? A list of criminal violations are indicated by the evidence, yet we’ve heard nothing from them. The protesters will mail letters requesting that prosecutions and investigations start immediately.

The press release I received from the protest organizers is linked here.

This scandal has been overlooked amid all the other election news. But it’s a direct threat to the essential elements of freedom and democracy.

Democrats, Independents & Republicans are coming together because inciting violence to block political activity must be stopped.

The march begins at Schakowsky’s Evanston office at 820 Davis St. in Evanston at 11am on Nov. 1st, and continues up Davis to the Evanston Post Office. There, the protesters will mail formal requests to various law enforcement agencies.

Please join me.